Digital transformation of Afghanistan.

IAP is a reputable IT company with multi skilled IT professionals with vast experience in championing innovative technology services for both private sector and non-private sector in Afghanistan. IAP professionals have at least ten-year valuable complementary experience, gained from different organizations. Intellectual Applications & Products (IAP) deliver innovative top-notch results through investing in extensive business consulting research services.

We believe in minimalistic approach, which helps us bring innovation to our work.

We are passionate about business technology

IAP is established in Afghanistan in the year 2018, while the company is new – the IAP management comes from a strong professional background. We are passionate about developing technology solutions. We have highly experienced developers, business development and marketing teams to oversee the development of application software from concept to completion.

At IAP, we focus on two key technologies that can bring a revolution in the tech-industry; Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. The decentralized storage system and the security of the Blockchain network have enabled us to develop solutions that make a demonstrable improvement to the conventional technology. We also use Artificial Intelligence to solve real-world problems and build smart apps that can adapt to user behavior and make intelligent decisions. We constantly explore the latest advancements in our field of work, experiment with them, and implement them to solve problems and enhance the app development process.

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Photo by Farzad Mohsenvand on Unsplash