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I have interviewed hundreds of individuals in the past couple of years for different positions, including; management, development, research, telecom and many more. I believe there are a few factors that lead to a successful job interview. I usually compare a job interview with a sales meeting — they both have a lot of similarities. It should be pretty easy for a good salesperson to deal with a job interview and vise-versa. Below are a
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In a country where only 9% of the population have access to the banks, it’s always challenging to pay and get paid – especially when you live in a rural area and far away from the cities. There are many reasons why banks couldn’t get more people on board in the last 16 years; one of which is security. In a country where you have to keep armed guards for schools and universities; what would
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Afghanistan has a very restricted market and it’s always challenging to do business out of the Afghan territory especially when you don’t have the permit to travel outside Afghanistan and to countries like the U.S. If you are planning to accept payments online from Google Adsense, an online shop, Amazon or even your own website through master debit/credit card then you must have a bank account in the U.S. or in the Europe, an EIN
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Getting paid online for your work in Afghanistan is one of the biggest challenges. Majority of the payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe are not interested to get their feet in Afghanistan and the local market does not have the capacity to build similar systems. Though there is one called Hesab Pay developed by Afghanistan Holding Group (a private company) but that only helps people with internal transactions and cannot process international ones –
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A war-torn country, corrupt government, and uncivilized citizens are the terms you may hear more often on the internet and news channels about Afghanistan. If you go to google and just search the word “Afghanistan” — you will find the first few pages full of articles relevant to those terms. However, that’s only a piece of the puzzle. You will often hear that Afghanistan is doing much better than most of the developed countries in
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