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We help businesses incubate and accelerate in Afghanistan by providing them with a workspace and the required assistance to help them excel at what they do best. CoWorthy,  a coworking space in Kabul that provides startups and entrepreneurs with a work-space, fast internet, refreshment, stationary, and the required assistance to help them succeed.

In addition to our incubation and accelerate programs we also help businesses get access to local and international investors through our platform called Tamveel.

CoWorthy is currently home to more than 20 startups and entrepreneurs and it is expanding every day.  Read more about CoWorthy at



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The House of Emerging Entrepreneurs Launches in Kabul
Published by Business DNA.

What is the impact of the withdrawal of a large number of U.S. and international forces from Afghanistan in 2014? The bad news: many local and international businesses closed their doors as a result, rising unemployment rate in Afghanistan. The good news: it gave birth to many young entrepreneurs. Immensely talented and energetic, the young Afghans looked beyond employment to create their own innovative ventures. The mindset shifted toward entrepreneurship, just like the case of Finland when Nokia collapsed – it did hurt the economy at first, but it also led to creation of many more successful businesses by the same people that used to work for Nokia.

The young Afghan entrepreneurs have to self-fund their initiatives and end up

spending majority of their savings on setting up and running an office space. To play their part, two entrepreneurs from Kabul, Sher Shah Rahim and Matiullah Rahmaty, join hands to set up the most affordable coworking space in Kabul: “CoWorthy”. Coming from entrepreneurial backgrounds, Sher Shah and Mati both know the hustles a startup goes through to become successful. CoWorthy not just a shared space; it is now the house of entrepreneurs and like-minded creative individuals that need a community.

CoWorthy can accommodate up to 22 startups. It has a training room, two meeting spaces, fast internet, starter refreshment, recreational space, and a friendly environment. CoWorthy launched in August 2018 and was fully booked by the end of November 2018. Sher Shah and Mati plan to expand their branches and launch Coworthy in other cities of Afghanistan as well, enabling entrepreneurs to achieve more with less.

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Photo by Farzad Mohsenvand on Unsplash