A war-torn country, corrupt government, and uncivilized citizens are the terms you may hear more often on the internet and news channels about Afghanistan. If you go to google and just search the word “Afghanistan” — you will find the first few pages full of articles relevant to those terms. However, that’s only a piece of the puzzle. You will often hear that Afghanistan is doing much better than most of the developed countries in sports, business, growth, etc. even though we have the minimum resources at our disposal.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is a hype these days. Countries like U.A.E., China, Singapore and Estonia are giving their best shots to adopt the latest of technologies and win the race by being the first to implement such solutions. Nobody would ever think of some Afghans trying to participate in the competition. Yes, they are working on it too, but the only difference is that the government is not supporting them while in the other countries, you see the governments pushing and supporting such initiatives at their full potential.

A group of developers have come together to develop an entire ride-hailing app based on blockchain technology and associated a cryptocurrency with it called ZMTCoin to enable customers to be able to pay with a sole method of payment. The expected date for the ICO to launch is 20th of February with the initial price of $0.3/Token. The whole idea is portrayed and better explained in the white paper which can be read by clicking here.

The Idea

When it comes to ride-hailing apps, the first ones that come to mind are Uber and Lyft. Various ride-hailing apps are currently operating in the cities across the world. However, what these apps lack is the user privacy and safety. The ride-hailing service providers have full access to the unencrypted real-time locations of all the users. This increases the likelihood of a third party gaining access to your data and stealing confidential information including your existing location. Therefore, your personal data and the data about your whereabouts is never safe. Zamanat changes that by using an end-to-end encryption technology. Zamanat is a new ride-hailing and personal safety app that encrypts your data before it is sent to a recipient and the data is decrypted locally on the recipient’s device. It means that when a user hails a cab on Zamanat, the location and user profile data is readable by no one other than the passenger and the cab driver and not even by Zamanat’s service provider. The passenger can also choose to share his/her realtime location and driver’s details with friends and family to have a companion by their side. Unlike the other ride-hailing apps, Zamanat is also a personal safety app. The users can share their realtime location with their friends and family or send panic alerts to them regardless of hailing a cab. Zamanat uses a blockchain based user authentication. The cryptography based security system on the distributed network of blockchain makes it almost impossible for a third party to gain access to your data or tamper with it. The payment on Zamanat would be through cash, Zamanat Token (ZMT), or other internationally accepted payment methods. ZMT is a cryptographic token that would be launched in an ICO before the official release of the Zamanat. The investors would be able to invest in ZMT through other cryptocurrencies or fiat money. Zamanat drivers would also have the opportunity to mine ZMT besides earning money through rides. The driver would be provided with a Zamanat mining rig that would be installed in a car. Initially Zamanat will be available for Android, iOS, and web users.