Success Stories

Success Stories

First Quarter 2021 Projects Report

The year 2020 has been a year full of challenges for SMEs in Afghanistan. Most businesses changed their strategies from growth to survival. At IAP, we focused solely on maintaining quality and delivering better...

Success Stories

Election Monitoring Tool

Electoral fraud has always been an acute problem that has questioned the legitimacy of the election and the candidates. Corruption and fraud happening in elections not only is a matter of concern for the nation...

Success Stories

Our stance against child abuse & child marriage.

More Afghan lives have been shaped by the war than by stability and peace. More than half the population of Afghanistan is under the age of 19 and very few of them have experienced joys of youth. They have lost...

Success Stories

The Rumie Initiative in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, the education sector is teacher-method based relying on face-to-face lectures from teachers, books, and chalkboards. However, with the increased usage of the internet and the youth being exposed...