Save thousands with IAP OneServe. Pay a flat monthly fee and get all of the above and more in return. IAP OneServe is a collective technology package that gives your business what it needs the most to keep your business going, growing and to help it stand out in the market.



GSuite Account

50 Users





Pay $850/mo.

Internet and IT Services

You get 5Mbps internet connection, no installation or equipment charges. You also get IT remote and on-site support on daily basis. We will also be available through email to advise on the use of technology both for your overall organization and for a specific project/proposal that you may have so that you can increase your advantage over other organizations.

Google for Work

We help you avoid Google’s expensive monthly subscription fee to use GSuite for work. We give you a 50 users account under the same package contract so that you can email, store your files online and collaborate with your team – all together.

Website Development & Digital Marketing 

Websites do not only need to be developed but also need to be maintained on daily basis. Under this package, we will develop a website for you and keep it updated on daily basis. We help you manage and utilize your marketing funds properly on online advertisement platforms such as Google, Facebook, Mailchimp, etc. Our professional writers also help proof-read your content for you to make sure you convey the right message.

Business Applications

It costs businesses thousands of dollars in order to build and implement a proper HR and CRM solution. With the OneServe package, we will provide your organization with an HR and CRM systems for over 100 users that will let you properly record timesheet, leave and extract report for billing and other purposes.

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