Getting paid online for your work in Afghanistan is one of the biggest challenges. Majority of the payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe are not interested to get their feet in Afghanistan and the local market does not have the capacity to build similar systems. Though there is one called Hesab Pay developed by Afghanistan Holding Group (a private company) but that only helps people with internal transactions and cannot process international ones – which means people still can’t get paid online.

In order to get PayPal or Stripe for your business in Afghanistan, you must open a bank account in Europe or in the U.S. which is only possible if you are a permanent resident of those places. That means a no go.

How to receive money online?

Payoneer is a unique payment gateway that enables thousands of people from countries like Afghanistan to accept payments online. There are two ways to get paid. You will have to use the traditional wire-transfer until you hit 5,000 USD threshold but once you do that. Then you will be given the option to receive payments through payment cards including Master and Visa. The wire-transfer details could be used to receive payments from Google Adsense and other sources. The beneficiary details may look like the following:


Bank Name First Century Bank
Routing (ABA) 06112****
Account Number 401954615****
Account Type CHECKING
Beneficiary Name Sher Shah Rahim
Connecting to a marketplace?

How to withdraw (cash-out) money?

Once you open a Payoneer account, they will send a debit card to your physical location. You can use the instructions to activate your card online and once you have sufficient funds, you should be able to withdraw money from your nearest ATM. There are charges associated with the use of Payoneer such as everytime you withdraw money from an ATM, you must pay $4 but I think it’s worth it. Let me know in the comment below if you have a difficult time opening an account with Payoneer.