Sher Shah Rahim | President/CEO

Mr. Sher Shah Rahim has worked for many years at the executive level managing and leading million-dollar products including Hesab Pay (payment solution), AfghaNet (ISP), Buber (ride-hailing service) and One Store (multi-vendor platform). Mr. Rahim now serves as the President/CEO of Intellectual Applications & Products and has co-founded many other small/big ventures.

Mr. Rahim has a degree in computer science from the American University of Afghanistan and has extensive expertise in software design, architecture, mobile application development and block-chain technologies. He is also an advanced communicator with proficiency in English, Pashto, Dari and Urdu/Hindi.


Javed Afzal | Chief Operating Officer

Javed Afzal is working as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) with IAP. Mr. Afzal has a Master’s degree in Leadership & Strategic Management from a prestigious institute in England, namely Leeds University. He has managed and incepted various entrepreneurial projects across England, China, Dubai, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Apart from his career with different national and international organizations in Afghanistan, Mr. Afzal has also laid foundation of many successful companies such as Walkies, Invex Enterprises and West Yorkshire investments.

Mr. Afzal has worked with Imperial chain of stores as a Research and development manager. He then moved on and started his journey as a research and development officer with Nutrition and Education international, an American organization with headquarter in US and Korea. Similarly, after a year of hard work, he achieved an unprecedented career growth and became program manager at the same international organization. Furthermore, his entrepreneurial spirit led him into many businesses across different countries, where he planned, developed and triumphed. He has experience in managing diverse teams from different backgrounds. He speaks Pashto, Urdu, English, Dari and Chinese (basic). We are happy to have him in our team.


Nargis Ehsan | Business Development Officer

Ms. Nargis Ehsan currently works at IAP as the Business Development Officer. She has several years of experience working as a coordinator with online international organizations such as, Alliance for International Women’s Right (AIWR) and Pax Populi. She has also worked as a freelance writer and translator for international news outlets as the Guardian.

Ms. Ehsan is currently doing Bachelor in Business Administration at the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) with Management as concentration and minoring in English. She also holds a certificate of Business Management studied online from SAIT Polytechnic in Canada. She is also an advanced communicator with proficiency in English, Pashto, Dari and Urdu/Hindi.


Najibullah Kakar | Director of Research Services

Najibullah Kakar is working as the Director of Research Services with IAP. Along with working with AIP Mr. Kakar has been working with The Norwegian Afghanistan Committee (NAC), Kabul, Aga Khan Foundation, Geneva, German Research Center, Germany, University of Montana, USA and Parsquake organization on different research aspect. He has also published some of his research work intro international well-known journals.

Mr. Kakar has been working with Non-profit organization to develop Monitoring and Evaluation Units and systems for data collection and reporting to the donors and stakeholders. He is currently working with the Norwegian Afghanistan Committee to develop mobile based data collection tools.


Jaya Singh | Consultant

Jaya Singh is an inclined and versatile professional, contributing to organizational development at IAP in every aspect. Ms. Singh is a technology consultant with IAP working from distance and travels to Afghanistan on need basis. Ms. Singh has an in-depth understanding of business and technology with specialties in Business Generation, Web Development , High-end Interpersonal Capabilities, High-end Understanding of Business Needs and Technology Awareness.


Khudadad Rasikh | Lead Developer

Mr. Khudadad Rasikh is the lead developer for IAP. He has numerous years of work experience in the technology sector and has developed many web applications built on top of top-grade web frameworks such as Laraval and CodeIgniter. Mr. Rasikh’s professional background also includes serving as an IT trainer with multiple different organizations.

Mr. Rasikh has a degree in Computer Science from the ICT faculty of Kabul University. He also has proficiency in English, Pashto and Urdu.