Digital transformation of Afghanistan.

We provide a range of technology services including ERP Solution, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Email Hosting, Graphics Design & Internet Services. We have a team of highly qualified full-time software developers having expertise in a range of different platforms and programming languages including Web, Desktop and Mobile Applications.

Internet Services: Wenet, a registered trademark of Intellectual Applications & Products. Wenet is a switch to connect internet service providers in Afghanistan in order to provide an amazing experience to the customers. Our approach to providing internet services in Afghanistan is different than the rest of the market. We have inclusive partnerships with the best local and national internet service providers across the country to get our data centers connected to multiple redundant internet connections instead of relying on a single source of internet connectivity. This approach enables us to get our clients connected to internet always, and provide them with internet services from the best among them. The client also gets the opportunity to switch between internet service providers with zero downtime – anytime.

Financial Technology Advisory: We have worked on a number of different financial mobile and web applications including, accounting software, payment solution, cryptocurrency and have integrated many local software applications with international payment gateways.

We work together with organizations to build their next big financial, accounting and payment solutions. We also work together with financial institutions with the transitioning of their existing systems to blockchain technologies,as well as, the development of cryptocurrency based on some of the well-known blockchain networks including Ethereum. We can develop a custom secure mobile application to work together with your core banking system without the need to change your core system. Contact us today for more information.

ERP Solution: Enterprise Resource Planning software solution is one of the essentials for a business to operate in the 21st century. It facilitates decision-making processes, helps business better manage their human resources, inventory, sales, and other day-to-day operations. Our ERP solutions are easy to implement and use, we do not only provide you with software but also the required training to help your team understand the critical uses of our ERP solution. Not only that, we also help businesses develop a standard of procedures based on the world’s best practices.

Web Application: We develop corporate websites and custom web applications to help businesses run smoothly. We do not only build quality applications, but we also deliver them cheaper than our competitors. Our web developers have over five years of experience in developing websites using different programming languages, including PHP, ASP.Net, NodeJS and many more.

Mobile Applications: One of the trends for today is mobile applications, most businesses try to have at least a mini version of their web/desktop application for handheld devices. Afghanistan is a very untouched market in this area and finding good mobile application developers is one of the challenges here. Luckily, we have some of the most exceptional mobile application developers with numerous years of work experience and mobile projects. Let us serve you by developing your next mobile application.

Email Hosting: Our partnerships with Google and Microsoft help us to provide the most reliable email hosting. We help businesses to set up their email hosting making sure that their emails remain safe, secure and are always delivered. Our email hosting rates differ based on the needs of our clients, please contact us for more information.

Graphics Design: Our graphics and media team has top-notch equipment and the skills to deliver astonishing graphics assignments including; photography, branding, web, and mobile application designs.

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Photo by Farzad Mohsenvand on Unsplash